20 Weeks Bumpdate

pregnancy20 weeks!! The official half way mark until we get to meet Mr. Cruz (yes, we’ve already picked out his name)!! We couldn’t be more excited!

I’ve been so excited to share with you guys about this pregnancy! It’s been so funny how I’ve gotten so close with so many of you that I truly feel like you have been on this journey with me, so naturally I want to share this exciting new stage with you as well, which is probably why I can’t believe I’m already 20 weeks and just now sharing! I think I’ve just had so many eye-opening things God has been teaching me through this pregnancy that I’ll be sharing about later this week (infertility, pregnancy (planned/unplanned), our role as women, etc.) that I haven’t known where to start or the best way to go about it…so I procrastinated, ha! That…and up until recently I’ve had practically zero energy!

But before I get into all the deep stuff, I thought I’d share all the fun, gushy baby details in a little 20 week bumpdate!!! And let me just start by saying, we still feel like we’re floating on cloud 9!! It’s so surreal, and we couldn’t be more grateful and in awe of this little blessing! It continues to blow our mind that there’s an actual person growing inside me right now! So crazy!!

When are you due? July 23-25

How far along are you? Almost 21 weeks

Do you have a name picked out? Yes! Danny came up with this before we even got pregnant, and we both loved it! His name will be Roberto Cruz Andino (call him Cruz)! Roberto is family name for both of us, and Cruz means Cross so it has special meaning for both of us!

How are you feeling? Oh my goodness, so much better!! The first 16 weeks were ROUGH! Sick everyday with nausea, migraines, and dizziness. I even had to make one trip to the hospital-no fun, but luckily I finally got put on some medicine that worked and after 16 weeks I slowly started feeling back to myself! I say all of that, not for a pity party, but just to keep it real. I was totally naïve going into this pregnancy. Everything was night and day different for me with Olive. I got pregnant with her right away-didn’t happen this time, and I had no sickness with her at all! I totally expected the same thing to happen again, but it didn’t. I’ve been amazed to learn just how different each pregnancy is for everyone! I’ve been so thankful to have such great friends encourage me and share their survival tips! The great part now though is everyday that I do feel good, I can’t help but just be extremely grateful! It’s amazing the things we take for granted sometimes…like our health!

Have you been having any cravings/aversions? Aversions: practically everything at the beginning, ha! Cravings: just started! I am constantly craving cheese and anything cheese flavored!

Is Olive excited? Over the moon! She talks about her ‘Bubba’ every day! We’ve just started getting some baby items around the house and she plays with them daily, practicing with her baby dolls!

Weight Gain & Maternity Clothes: So, after losing about 5 lbs. at the beginning, I’m up about 10lbs and finally out of that awkward in between stage and as you can tell, the belly has officially popped! Thank you, Lord!! A few tips I found when it comes to dressing during pregnancy: 1) During that awkward in between stage it’s best to wear any of those loose/flowy clothes that you have in your closet 2) Once that belly does pop, but it’s still not super obvious, go for the tighter tops! It’s fun to finally start getting some attention for that sweet bump and it makes you feel better to see some definition! And when it comes time to start buying new clothes, check out PinkBlush Maternity, ASOS Maternity, Gap, Old Navy, and Loft Maternity. These are become my go-to shops!

Exercise: During the first trimester, I had no energy, which made exercise impossible. I was pretty discouraged, since I love my workout time, but what I learned is the importance of listening to your body and giving yourself grace! Now that I’ve started to get my energy back, I’ve been so thankful to hit the gym again and amazed by how with a little bit of work, my body has been able to bounce back! Right now, I go to a cardio interval/weight lifting class (similar to crossfit) at my local gym 3-4 days a week then try my best to sneak in little walks here and there on my off days. I’ve been amazed to see how much exercise helps me feel both mentally and physically. Plus, I think about all the perks it offers for post-baby! If you’re able to work out, do it! I promise it will be worth it! But again, if you can’t, listen to your body! There will be plenty of time to get back into shape later down the road!

I can’t thank you all enough for all your sweet words of encouragement and just joining us on this journey!! God has been so good to us and I can’t wait to share everything I’ve been learning during this time in my next blog post! No matter what stage of life you’re in, single/married/wanting to get pregnant/not wanting to get pregnant, I promise there will be something in it for you!

With much love,


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