3 Ways to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

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In case you haven’t noticed, boyfriend jeans are all the rage right now. You can pretty much find them in every jean section at any store! Okay, I don’t really know about that part, but they are everywhere and I think theres some good reasons why. They’re super comfy (finally an option when you don’t want to wear skin tight pants) and surprisingly really flattering. Today I wanted to share a few tips with you on how to wear boyfriend jeans PLUS how to shop for the perfect pair, because I can almost promise you that once you find the right pair, you’ll be in love!

3 Ways To Wear Boyfriend Jeans:

Boyfriend Jeans + Crop Top

Boyfriend Jeans + Loose Top

Loose Top
Boyfriend Jeans + Tank Top

Tight Top
Tips for shopping for your perfect pair of boyfriend jeans:

1) Go for the distressed or shredded style, it’s more slimming and more trendy looking!

2) When deciding between low rise, mid rise, and high rise, think about which part of your waist you want to accentuate. For example, if you have more of an hour glass figure with a tiny waist, go with the high rise, it shows off that waist! If you have narrow hips, go for the low rise, it gives you more of a curve look.

3) When shopping, go worry so much about the length. If it’s too long, simply roll up to desired length!




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