Accessory Jane is a Fashion + Lifestyle blog written by single mom + entrepreneur + fashion aficionado + jewelry designer, Liz Larsen.

Hi, I’m Liz! I’m a single mom living in a fashion forward city. From chasing a 5 year old to chasing my wildest dreams, I’m learning what it takes to juggle a family and build my dream job one day at a time. I’m the Co-Founder of Shop Accessory Jane – an online jewelry boutique that I started with my mom. She was the experienced jewelry designer & I was the dreamer with a big idea and a passion to learn. I now enjoying designing right alongside her.

Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up. & Never Give Up. 

I believe that a person’s success and personal fulfillment are greatly effected by our attitude and the way we view ourselves. I believe that a woman’s wardrobe is a direct reflection of those. Crazy as that sounds, it’s true! It’s amazing to see what 10 extra minutes and wearing a well put together outfit can do for your confidence…and not to mention productivity! (high five!)

Two rules I live by: She who dares wins & Accessories can make or break an outfit

My goal here is to encourage and inspire others to always put their best foot forward, chase their dreams, and remember to focus on the things that really matter, whether it’s by an outfit post showing you different ways to style clothes and feel more confident in yourself, or a motivational quote to encourage you to keep going. I want to be a source of hope.