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3 Reasons Why Your Activewear Matters

floral capri yoga pants

3 Reasons Why Your Activewear Matters:

1) Your Activewear says a lot about you & your attitude – A few days ago I read an article on Cosmopolitan about the 23 Things Your Workout Clothes Say About You and thought it was spot on and too funny not to share! But if you think about it, its so true! When you’re totally not feeling it, you throw on a t-shirt. When you’re feeling good, confident, and ready to attack your goals, you rock that cute activewear!DSC_0147DSC_0167

2)  What you wear directly effects the way you perform – Crazy right? We all know that getting up & getting dressed for the day always makes you more productive. Same rules apply here – when you wear the proper attire, the better you’ll feel & the harder you’ll work out! (Another interesting read about this here from The Atlantic)

Floral Activewear

3) You don’t just workout in them – This one might be the most important, because we all know it’s true! 🙂 Wearing activewear out in public used to be a big no-no, but now you see people wearing there yoga pants almost everywhere! It’s become perfectly acceptable!

With that said, if I’m going to be wearing my activewear so much, I want to make sure it fits my lifestyle. I recently discovered Albion Fit and fell in love with their activewear line! Their pieces are the perfect combination of fitness, fashion & femininity allowing me to wear their activewear all day long whether at the gym, the home office, or on a coffee date with one of my girls! And let’s be honest, what girls doesn’t want floral yoga pants and a matching sports bra?? Be sure to check out their entire collection here!

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