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Honeymoon Part I

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Friends, I feel like I’ve practically been bursting at the seams waiting to share all about the honeymoon with you, and today I finally get to! First of all, I have to say the honeymoon was truly magical! You dream about your honeymoon your whole life, but this…it surpassed my wildest dreams. Why? Because it was SO right! We both stood back in awe of how good & gracious God is to have brought us together and just how perfect and fun his design for marriage is! Let’s just say, it’s worth the wait and everything we’ve been through to get to this spot!

Okay, now on to the details 🙂 For our honeymoon we decided to stay at the Four Seasons Maui, and we couldn’t have been happier with our choice! They gave us the most unforgettable trip! When we arrived the staff greeted us with gorgeous leis, beautiful fresh cut pineapples, ginger mint lemonade and cool towels. From that moment on, we were treated like Kings & Queens. With my dad working as a Hotel Consultant, I grew up traveling and visiting many of the top hotels around the world, and I can honestly say, I have never experienced service quite like the service that we experienced this perfect honeymoon destination! 

After we checked into our room, we immediately hit the pools. Yes, pools plural where pool staff came and completely set up the perfect lounging area for us. I’m serious when I say we barely lifted a finger all week! The rest of our day we enjoyed relaxing on the beach and eating dinner while watching the sunset!

PS-Maui has some of the most exquisite dining we have ever experienced! I’ll be sharing my favorite restaurants with you next week! 

We started the next several days by waking up to the sound of waves coming in through our balcony door. We’d slowly get ready, order some room service or enjoy breakfast at Duo then hit up one of the pools again where waiters would come by with complimentary Evian misters, fresh cut fruit, popsicles and cool towels. After a few hours of relaxing, Danny would convince me to join him for an activity he booked for us. More on that coming next week too! At night I would love to come back to the hotel to watch the sunset. Maui offers the most remarkable sunsets!

Another thing I loved about the Four Seasons and just goes to show how they go above and beyond, is the complimentary photography sessions. On our second night there we met Scott Miles (aka Smiles) who is one of their photography enthusiasts and he helped us set up our session for later that week. We met him our last night and he captured these pictures of us walking on the Four Seasons Maui’s private beach. I’ll treasure them forever!

We were so sad to leave this amazing resort in paradise, but we promised each other we’d be back! I mean, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate anniversaries, right?? 😉

Now, it’s on to the every day life together, which truth be told, I’m equally excited about!


*a BIG thank you to Four Seasons Maui for making our honeymoon the most unforgettable time of our lives!


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