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With the holidays right around the corner & your party dresses all picked out (hopefully-if not, check out my post here), now it’s time to start thinking about hair! A few of you have asked me about my hair, so today I thought I would dish on all of my hair secrets! Because good girl friends always share secrets…

So first, you need to know that I got extensions put in a little over a month ago, and I am L-O-V-I-N-G them! Now, before you start judging, I want you to hear me out on this (& then I will get to all the tips & tricks on how to get the perfect curl). You might just be calling and making an appointment to get some too 😉 Having naturally thin hair, extensions have always been something that I dreamed about having. I didn’t know that much about they though, so they always seemed like more of a maybe someday, probably for my wedding, I’m not ready to commit sort of thing. But after hearing of a couple of friends that got them, I decided to finally get to the bottom of this. I went to my girl, Crystal at Society Salon to get the 411 on extensions. She was so helpful is answering all of my questions, helping me understand the difference in different types of extensions (fuse/tape in). Before I knew it I was scheduling my appointment to get mine in asap!


I went with the tape in extensions, which I believe to by far be the best looking/best for your hair option, plus they’re surprisingly affordable. What I love about these extensions is they are natural. You can custom match the color and texture of your hair. They don’t damage or tear out your natural hair. They are quick and easy to put in (takes about 45 min, as opposed to several hours with other kinds). They last around 10-12 weeks, are a fraction of the price that I had thought they were going to be, And the look that you get is priceless! So what I once thought was going to be a once in a lifetime type of thing is actually an everyday option! How fun is that?! You’re welcome!

But whether you decide extensions are for you or not, I wanted to share a few tips on how to get those perfect curls this holiday season and to make them last! So here are a few tips straight from my girl, Crystal:


(When curling, I recommend using a 1  1/4″- 1  1/2″ curling iron. This one is my favorite!)

1. Always curl your hair away from your face (as shown above)


2. When releasing the curl, don’t just quick pull it out. Unwind your hair slowly from the barrel.


3. Always leave the ends sticking out of the curler. They don’t need to be curled. It gives a more natural look.


4. To get a more fuller look, take sections of your hair and tease it (for demonstration of this, check out video at the end of this post)

How to Get the Perfect Curl

Hairspray. I personally like to spray as I go. I curl a section, I spray. Curl a section, spray. But those are light sprays. Then when I’m finished I do one over all spray. Chrystal recommend that when I’m doing that final spray, I lift up the hair at my crown and spray. (PS-This is the BEST spray ever. Chrystal gave it to me & I am hooked! It’s actually a combo of dry shampoo & hairspray, so it’s not crunchy, but still keeps the curl all day!)

How to Hairspray Your CurlsHow to Get the Perfect Curl

Have more questions: Leave me a comment below & I’ll be happy to help!!

How to Get the Perfect Curl

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