I Heart Working Out

I HEART WORKING OUT (yes, I said it):

Working out and staying fit has always been important to me, for many reasons. It’s benefits are enormous. It keeps me healthy, energized, and clear minded, allowing me to be more focused, productive, and successful throughout the day. It’s a definite win-win. But finding time and the right regimen that will give me the results that I want are key!

Why I Fly:

For me time is very limited, so if I am going to spend time going to workout, I need it to be effective, and that’s exactly what Flywheel is! There are several gyms and workouts that I tried and loved, but felt like I needed to go every day to get my results. Flywheel is a contemporary indoor cycling studio that offers a 45-60 minute indoor cycling class with DJ-style music that will keep you motivated to burn through a record number of calories (think anywhere between 400-950cal/class depending on your resistance level) and leave you feeling stronger than ever! Instead of having to find time everyday to squeeze in a workout, I now go every M/W/F morning, knock out a class, and still get to see more results than I ever have. Perfect workout for the girl on the go! Oh and don’t let the name “cycling class” fool you, the instructors make sure you get a full body workout every time!

Live in the Dallas area & want to try a class? Leave a comment below & let’s meet up! For more information on Flywheel click here!

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