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Top / Skirt / Handbag / Necklace / Watch / Bracelet / Lip Color

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Top / Skirt / Handbag / Necklace / Watch / Bracelet / Lip Color

Easter weekend, what a joy you were!! One of my favorite holidays for so many reasons! This Easter was actually Danny and I’s first Easter together. Can you believe it? We were talking the other day and realized that we met, dated, got engaged, and married all within 10 months! Ah, that’s crazy! I guess when you know, you know, right?

Anyways, our first Easter together went so great. Often times first holidays together as a married couple can be tricky and stressful…two families, two celebrations, two totally different locations. But this one wasn’t. Why? Because we actually took some of our premarital counseling advice, ha! We were told to talk about our expectations before big events of what we wanted/expected it to be like. We thought it was kind of silly, but let me tell you, it worked and saved us a lot of frustration! We found out what parts of the day were most important to each other, which helped us manage our time better, focus on what we needed to focus on, and be able to enjoy Easter with both of our families! So Easter 2016, you were a success. Here’s to hoping they all go this swimmingly! As my dad would say, “Easy little grasshopper.” Just because you nailed this one, doesn’t mean got it all in the bag! 😉

Now that Easter is over, I feel like I am in full on Spring mode and craving all the bright colors I can get my hands on! I fell in love with this skirt the second that I saw it. It’s perfect for work, church or date night! Wear it with a plain white tank, chambray, bold patterned top, or even a plain chunky sweater on cooler days! This skirt is so versatile and is the perfect transitional piece! And don’t even get me started on this white crochet top! Let’s just say it will be on serious repeat this Spring & Summer. Consider yourself warned!

Happy Spring from the Andinos!!!

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