Christmas Card Style Tips & Ideas

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, that means three things: 

 1. I’m about to undo each & every workout I’ve done in the past couple of weeks (worth it!)

2. Time to get ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales (I’ll be sharing my secrets soon!)

3. And my favorite…Family Picture Time!! 

Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets giddy excited about taking family pictures and picking out this year’s Christmas card!! Last year I ordered my cards from Minted and loved the way they turned out! The quality was amazing & they had an endless amount of adorable options that are designed by artists from all over the world. I thought I would share with you some of my favorites designs for this years Holiday cards & a few tips on how to get that perfect family picture!

(Click on the number to get details for this card)

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  • Choose A Color Scheme: pick a color scheme that uses between 3-5 colors. This will give you enough variety without being too matchy, matchy. Also, before picking your color scheme, consider whether or not these pictures will hang in your home. If they will, you might want to coordinate the color scheme with your home decor.  (Tip: if you have trouble knowing what colors work well together, google colors that compliment each other)

  • Use Textures and Patterns: Images always look way better and more interesting when you mix up different textures or patterns. You just want to make sure the textures and patterns all still stay within the same color scheme. An example of this would be guys wear a tweed blazer or a wool sweater and girls can add in some sequins or silk to their outfit to add a layer or sparkle and shine to the image. You can also use accessories as an easy way to add in some texture or pattern! (Tip: Also if you’re dealing with dressing kids, this is a great way to give them options and let them feel like they have a say in what they wear. I recommend giving them at least 3 options that would all work. The last thing you want to do is start off the day by them throwing a fit about what their wearing. They won’t be happy in the pictures and it will show!)

  • Be Yourself: It’s important to feel comfortable and be yourself in pictures, so don’t be afraid to bring props! This can actually make for really fun pictures. I’ve seen people bring picnic blankets or christmas lights. Last year I let Olive bring her favorite Christmas stuffed animal. It helped her feel more comfortable and free to be herself

  • Makeup: I know this bullet point probably seems silly, but makeup actually makes a big difference in pictures! Three things I recommend: 1. Foundation (HD foundation is by far the best) 2. Bright LipsThis one in ‘Beso’ is my favorite 3. Lashes-I personally go get lash extensions anytime I know I have big pictures coming up. They make such a huge difference & last a little over a month so they’ll be perfect for all your holiday events! (If you live in Dallas, go to Southern Belle Lash-love them!)
  • Location: Once you have your outfits all picked out, decide on your location. Choose a location that will complement your outfits. 

** My go to stores for holiday outfits are ASOS, ShopBop, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack (ps-did you know you can now shop the Rack online? click here) , H&M **

We’re taking our family pictures this coming Tuesday, and I think I know exactly which christmas card I’m going to go with!! What’s your vote??

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