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A Big Week

From a Derby style baby shower for a close friend to Olive starting a new gymnastics class to doing our first walk through on our house…I can definitely say it’s been a big week for us! So we haven’t officially announced yet, and probably won’t until we officially close after the final inspection…but we got a house! We couldn’t be more excited, and I just can’t wait to share all the details! House hunting has been such a fun process for me! Seriously, I think that is one job I could definitely do!

Anyways the house we got is a new construction, so on Monday we got to do our first walk through! We walked through the entire house checking all the appliances, outlets, being as meticulous as we could to make sure everything was just right for us before our final inspection happened. Everything is looking great! I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t already started a Pinterest board and practically have every room all planned out in my head 🙂 This will be my first house to really decorate so you can imagine the excitement!

I know I usually share my day-to-day outfits with you on Instagram, but I thought I’d start sharing them with you on here as well in the format of a weekly roundup. So here are the outfits that have carried me through the week!



Necklace by Shop Accessory Jane
Is this not the perfect summer dress or what?


I bought this two piece set for our honeymoon and have loved it. It’s perfect worn together, but can also easily be worn separately and paired with a black tank or high-wasited denim skirt, jeans or shorts!


Another perfect summer dress. Easily dressed up or down!


Earrings by Shop Accessory Jane
Denim/Chambray is big this season. I’m personally LOVING all the denim dresses I’ve been seeing. They will definitely be a summer staple for me. Perfect for a casual work day or a weekend outing!


Earrings by Shop Accessory Jane





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