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5 Wedding Planning Tips

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So many of you all have been so sweet to be asking me about the wedding planning and how all of it was going, so today I thought I’d give you all a quick update as well as share a few wedding planning tips I’ve learned along the way!!

After the initial celebration of getting engaged and sharing all the fun details about how it happened, we got right to work and started dreaming about the big day! We met with our wedding planner, Lindsey Brunk, and she gave us a few to-dos right off the bat.

Step #1) Pick A Date – decide on whether you want a long or short engagement. We decided to do a short engagement. We’re both so ready to be married, and to be honest, I really can’t imagine having to wait any longer ha! But a short engagement is not for everyone! You have to be prepared for a couple months of non stop wedding planning chaos 😉

Step 2) Set A Budget – it’s so important to do this upfront. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, but before making any decisions fill out your budget and set an amount for each category. This will save you so much stress later on! Here are two printables that I used and loved. This one is a breakdown of the budget and shows you what percentage you should spend on each

And here is another one I actually found on Pinterest by Botanical Paperworks. It is extensive, but so helpful, because it includes everything you need! Click here to download.


Step 3) Hire A Planner or Buy A Planner – Just trust me, this step is a must. Here’s a planner that I highly recommend!

Step 4) Decide on your Venue Before buying anything, pick a venue. This venue determines what the style of the wedding and what type of dress, decorations, evening you will want to have. This was actually Danny and I’s favorite part. We had so much fun visiting different venues and just dreaming about what our big day was going to be like! And after much looking (or as much looking as you can do in a couple of weeks) we picked a venue! I’m so happy with it. It fits perfectly with our Romantic/Bohemian theme! I think what I’m most excited about this venue is there’s so much room for us to make this place into our own and truly customize every detail. Here’s a peek at our venue:


Image by Big Box Photography

Step 5) Buy Thank You Notes Now – One bit of advice a friend gave me was to invest in some pretty thank you cards now and start writing one thank you note a day. This is such a sweet, but busy season in life, so I recommend getting in the habit of slowing down once a day and writing out the things your thankful for to the people you care most about. It helps you treasure the moment more and your friends and family see just how appreciated they are! 

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