Words of Wisdom

“Before being blessed with more, God requires you to be a good steward over what you already have.” – Ugh! These words definitely hit home for me yesterday when I listened to Sabrina Harrison talk at the Polished Dallas luncheon. This is the season I’ve been in the last {almost} year. After so many transitions in my life (becoming a wife & family of 3 and learning those new dynamics, making a big career change , moving away from my family, becoming a home owner & learning how to take care of a house, cooking, etc) I was out of my comfort zone and for awhile it did NOT look pretty, yet still I was eager to be a boss lady and just expected myself to nail all these new roles. I was ready to move on to bigger and better things. Things that I had been dreaming of {confession: I’m a BIG time dreamer} But I was missing the point of what God was trying to teach me. All these things take time and hard work. They need to be cultivated and stewarded well for things to grow and blossom. Once I realized that and began to focus on just stewarding well what was right in front of me, things started to click. Life stopped feeling out of control and began to feel exciting again. I learned that if I’m stressing out and not effectively managing my current tasks, God knows it’s not in the best interest for me to move on to the next thing or have more added to my plate…and thank goodness!! Can you imagine the chaos we all would be living in? I’m learning to focus on the things God has given me to do today and stewarding them to the best of my ability, so big things can happen 

(image by Best Friends for Frosting)


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